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Rolonda's Reinvention Retreat

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You know deep inside of you there's something rumbling; some creative spirit now
bucking to get out -- it can't be ignored -- but it scares you -- yet it's undeniable power still
beckons you -- a desire and a dream you hold so strongly in your heart -- you might be
ready to believe in it again.

Welcome to Rolonda's Reinvention Retreat!

Don't let your dreams die inside of you!

Whatever you do -

Don't become the world's best-kept secret!


OK - But what do you do with that dream and desire when you are so full of fear you feel paralyzed? When you feel like you're drowning, not knowing what steps to take to get out of your agitation and lackluster life.

Your biggest fear should be -- not doing anything!

I say, let's face the fear together and together let's make something good happen. I want to be with you along your transformative journey. I want to help and support you as you courageously take those giant steps toward your long-awaited dreams and goals - one baby step at a time.

But the real secret to a lot of my successes is my willingness to be a student, having the
courage to learn something new because my heart and soul longed for something more ...
and my bank account did too!

Now, with worldly wisdom, decades of experience, and vast resources built from almost four decades of loyal relationships - it's high time I now teach a thing or two, emblazoned, as always, with an innate passion to educate, motivate, inspire, and help others create remarkable results in their lives.

I’m calling my 8-week course, ROLONDA'S REINVENTION RETREAT! It’s designed for those - both young and not so young -- who’re in a pivotal position in life; seeking positive change, transformative thinking, more passion, purpose, clarity and support in taking giant steps -- one baby step at a time -- toward their desired goals. I want Dreamers who are Doers - willing and ready to do the work to make Life happen!

You Give Me 8-Weeks ... and I'll Give You New Possibilities!
Let’s DO this!



"Rolonda has helped me tap into creativity that was dormant for way too long. I now have the tools and motivation to reinvent!"

Sarah - Comedian



(limited seats only!)

8-Week Course Plan


  • Week One: Why Reinvention is Such a Necessary Tool

  • Week Two: The Authentic You: Finding and Tapping into Your God-Given Gifts

  • Week Three: The Power of Intention, Positive Thinking, Visualizing, & Clearing Clutter


  • Week Four: Preparing the Mind for Success: Education & Meditation


  • Week Five: Facing Fear, Doubt, Adversity and Naysayers


  • Week Six: Keeping Faith in Yourself & The Power of Touchstones


  • Week Seven: Upping Your Social Media Game for Branding Success


  • Week Eight: Stepping Out with a Strategic Game Plan, Tangible Deadlines and Attainable Goals for Your Reinvention Success!

Here are the benefits


  • I’m offering a special half price deal of $997 for my 8-week online course. That’s only $124.63 per hour class! A no-brainer! But move fast; limited spots. Limited time only.


  • Private FB Group for interaction, support and access to me, with weekly Q & A follow-up sessions.


  • Team support as I believe TEAM is an acronym for Together Everyone Achieves More.

  • Access and inspiration from some of the top experts in their fields.


  • Work closely and one-on-one with a trailblazer and proven pro in this safe, fun, tell-it-like-it-is Reinvention course - chock-full of wisdom, guidance and team support to help you get where you dream to go!

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