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Rolonda's Reinvention Retreat

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Here's the story -- 


I am offering a an 8- week online course, entitled, Rolonda’s Reinvention Retreat, for $997, whereby I help people who feel stuck in a pivotal position in their lives, claim better clarity and direction toward taking the next steps toward their new goals and dreams. I believe that people can take giant steps, one baby step at a time. I have reinvented myself a dozen times when faced with unexpected change and I've successfully  benefited by knowing how to take advantage of opportunities when they presented themselves and thus created man new careers and have worked independently, from anywhere, for most of them. 

From stage to screen to podcasts, speeches, voice overs, stand up comedy and books, I've reinvented myself time and time again as a matter of survival and a passion for doing what I love. Through my course, I want to share the rarely heard secrets behind my successes and the valuable tools, resources, and strategies I used to get there. Whether you’re a writer with a book in you, a voice with a stage waiting, or an office worker who dreams of starting your own business or singing career, I have ways to help you find clarity, focus, direction and weekly step-by-step exercises and actions to take toward making your dream a reality.

We will also build a valuable team of course members because I agree that T.E.A.M. stands for Together Each Achieves More! In our Private Facebook Group, you can enjoy interaction, support, and discussions with fellow course mates and me. 

Here are the benefits:

- For a limited number of seats — I’ve slashed the price of $1997 in half to now $997 for 8-week online course (That’s only $124.63 per 1-hour class!! A no-brainer!!)
- Private FB Group for interaction and support among course members, plus, access to me.
- Interactive Q & A with me in FB Group between classes 
- Support in Team/Tribe type membership where we support each other 
- Access to some of my most valuable resources and connections over 40 years in business
- A fun, tell-it-like-it-is class chock-full of wisdom and experience told through real life stories of a 40-year pro in the news and entertainment business.

Here are some of the weekly topics I’ll explore with course members over the 8-week period — 

8-Week Lesson Plan to Include:

* Week One: Why Reinvention is Such a Necessary Tool
* Week Two: The Power of Intention, Positive Thinking, Visualizing, & Clearing Clutter
* Week Three: The Authentic You: Finding and Tapping into Your God-Given Gifts 
* Week Four: Preparation through Education and Meditation
* Week Five: Facing Fear and Adversity 
* Week Six: Keeping Faith in Yourself and Touchstones
* Week Seven: Upping Your Social Media Game for Branding Success
* Week Eight: Stepping Out with a new Strategic Plan; Tangible Deadlines and Goals for Reinvention Success

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